Lauren Barnhill

Local flowers, natural designs, and florals for you!

Growing up in rural NC on land adjacent to a 90 acre soybean farm, I grew up experiencing the damaging nature of large scale, industrialized agriculture. I remember waking up in the morning to check on my family’s beehives with my dad to find all our bees dead, poisoned from the glyphosate sprayed on the farms by us, and many years our garden would face the same fate. Despite this, I came to love growing things, and I spent long years working as a farm hand to figure out how to do it without using damaging chemicals, depleting the soil’s health, or damaging the ecosystems in which we live.

Moving up to MA, I began to grow at The New Entry Sustainable Agriculture Project- an incubator farm that allows us to rent land & greenhouse space & all the equipment we need to in order to grow our beautiful flowers! We grow our flowers ethically- meaning when you buy flowers from us, you know they were grown in a way that is safe for the land & our communities.

We want everyone to have access to art & beauty & locally grown flowers- reach out now to join our CSA, book an event with us, or put in an order for yourself or a loved one!

You may see me (Lauren) and my partner (Danny) around town working our farmer’s market booths, delivering flowers (sometimes on roller blades!), or covered in dirt from a long day of farm work. We’d love to chat! Reach us at our event inquiries page here, or at