Why a Sliding Scale?

Payment & Pricing Information

Everyone Has A Right To Food and Flowers!

We believe that beautiful and ethical flowers should be accessible to all, and hope to make this belief closer to reality by implementing a sliding scale CSA option. We know this won’t solve everything or cure the wicked wealth inequalities in this country (amplified via race and gender) but as a new business we hope to continue to learn and prioritize new ways to improve accessibility and affordability for flowers! 

Can You Explain Your Price Tiers? 

Tier 1: Thanks A Bunch: higher income, stability, food secure, own a home, etc
Tier 2: A-Bouquet: relatively stable and comfortable, but not Tier 1 level!
Tier 3: Bee Kind: employment difficulties, identify with race, class, and/or gender injustices, disabled/medical payments, receive public assistance, etc

Can You Explain This a Different Way?

Essentially, folks who identify with Tier 1 and pay Tier 1 prices will help support the standard Tier 2 and especially accessible Tier 3 prices. 

Also, if food and flower accessibility really lights your fire and you’d like to make a donation towards a Tier 3 CSA Subscription – let us know! 

How Do We Calculate Our Prices?

Oh would we love to bring you to the farm! Prices reflect all of the raw materials necessary to grow flowers: seed, soil, soil amendments, seeding trays, irrigation, land rental, tools, equipment, tubers, bulbs, corms, LOTS of labor, gas costs (don’t we all?), and so much more! We enjoy sharing transparently about our work and processes on Instagram if you aren’t following 🙂   

Is This Perfect and Will It Solve Everything?

Hell no, we acknowledge this is just a tiny step towards the change we need with the crises we currently face. Nevertheless, we want as many people as possible to enjoy flowers and we want to build a business model that can adapt and rise to this challenge. If you have ideas for how we could improve this, please send us a line! It takes a village <3